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St. Johns River

Latest portfolio - Lyonia: A Florida Upland

This body of work was created at the Lyonia Preserve in Deltona, Florida. It is a prelude to another portfolio Fifteen Preludes to Lyonia. Lyonia and the few habitats like it left in Florida often are referred to as an "upland" (meaning high and dry) or a "scrub" habitat which is aptly named after the Scrub Jay bird native to Florida and this habitat.

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New book published

"Eleven Portfolios: 1985 - 2011" is an updated version of Lee's first book "Nine Portfolios" and includes her latest two portfolios "Fifteen Preludes to Lyonia" and "Lyonia: A Florida Upland". It contains 123 photographs along with background information about each portfolio and her personal thoughts and experiences of the entire photographic process.

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Every photograph and print by the photographer Lee Dunkel is a performance—as classic as a Renoir, as edgy and smart as Brubeck's 'Take Five'—and faithful to the nature of the artist."

— Stephen Crowley, Staff photographer, The New York Times