Tomoka River Basin & Ocean Shore


Photography: 1985 - 1988

The Tomoka River Basin is in Volusia County, Florida; a part of the Atlantic Intercoastal Waterway that runs from Norfolk, Virginia to Miami, Florida. This area is known locally as “the loop.” The waterway is made up of naturally deep estuaries, rivers, and sounds connected by man-made cuts through land areas and shallows.

During this period, and prior to 1985, I photographed close to home in wetland areas in and around the Tomoka River and along the ocean, teaching myself about landscape photography. After a year of photographing, I took a workshop with John Sexton, with whom I studied 'the fine art of printing.' After another year of working at home, I studied with photographer George Tice. Two more years of work prepared me for a more advanced workshop on printing with Sexton. I knew early on that I needed to focus on the real art of landscape black-and-white photography, which, for me, is in the printing. This part of the process raises the image to a work of art. I try to create a sense of drama and emotional response by coaxing dense black areas and balancing them with shimmering highlights. After five years of constant work, photographs were culled from a large body of work to create this portfolio.


  • Edison Community College Gallery, Ft. Myers, Florida
  • Ormond Memorial Art Museum & Gardens, Ormond Beach, Florida

Print size:

  • 11.5 x 11.5 inches

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